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Benefits of the Virtual Academy:

  • New employee training is consistent and effective, which results in more rapid productivity.

  • Virtual learning escalates skill development and performance of everyone on your team.

  • On-demand learning can be achieved in a self-paced manner and can occur precisely when needed.

  • Reinforces the adoption of desired sales processes to ensure the team appropriately represents the company’s brand in the market with a consistent value proposition.

  • Contributes to a positive sales culture and combats turnover.

  • Interactive learning encourages practice, internalization and implementation of proven sales techniques.

  • Participants download materials for ongoing reference and review.

  • Testing and reports are available to measure performance and completion.

  • Removes geographical barriers, eliminating travel time and associated costs.

  • Training is easily accessible via multiple devices so salespeople can review tips and apply them in the field to increase revenue.

  • Certification provides positive feedback and recognition.

The Virtual Academy broadens the delivery of the powerful  sales training programs via today’s learning technology.

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