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Increase Sales with ProMax

Progressive Prospecting

  • Developing & Implementing a Strategic Process

  • Persuasive Communication Techniques

  • Securing Appointments & Professional Exit Strategy

  • Establishing Value Propositions

  • Methods to Lower Resistance & Build Partnerships

  • Addressing Objections, Questions & Concerns

Multi-Media StrADegies that Sell

  • Key Principles of Effective Media Planning

  • Selling Long-term Multi-Media Strategies

  • Developing a Competitive Advantage

  • Leading Effective Customer Needs Analysis Meetings

  • Acquiring and Implementing Budgets

  • Linking Needs with Solutions

Powerful Presentations ~ Large or Small

  • Vital Information to Include in Every Presentation

  • Creating Presentations Efficiently & Effectively

  • Developing a Compelling Message that Leads to “Yes”

  • Avoiding Perpetual Stalls

  • Presentation Templating for Efficient Delivery

  • Using Research to Sell

Win-Win-Win Negotiating


Creating Campaigns that Drive Results


Selling to Buyer Behavioral Styles ~ DISC Analysis


X-SELLerated X-SELLence ~ Week Sales Boot Camp

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