Exceptional Leadership is Critical

to Building Profits 

Additional Leadership Topics

  • Coaching to Behavior Styles (DiSC)

  • Coaching Under Performers

  • Conducting Meetings Focused on Achievement

  • Delegating with Confidence

  • Dynamics of High Performance Teams

  • Essential Skills for New Supervisors

  • Multi-Generational Performance Strategies

  • Notching-up Peak Performers

  • Wow'em! with Customer Service

Maximum Management & Leadership

  • Leadership in Today's Complex Environment

  • Effective Hiring & Recruiting

  • Setting Expectations / Accountability

  • Coaching for Success / Developmental Feedback

  • Rewards & Recognition / Motivating Teams

  • Training & Tracking for Maximum Perfromance

"I've had the unique opportunity to work with ProMax, in a number of roles through my career. I have seen the phenomenal consulting provided by ProMax and personally experienced the benefits of the training.  For nearly 10 years, I've kept ProMax training guides by my side in every role I've had in my career.  I've specifically employed the "go to strategies" in countless situations and have witnessed immediate results.  ProMax has masterfully combined rich experiences in sales leadership with the ability to convey hands-on approaches while immediately moving the revenue needle!  All stated, I haven’t even mentioned how fun, engaging and relevant the sessions are for any professional at any level." ~ Advertising Director

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