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Consult Clients during COVID-19 ~ #1

During this unprecedented time, many media representatives are uncertain about

how to stay connected with their clients and prospective customers. This blog, along with those that will be posted weekly, will contain helpful advertising information to share. Since many companies are facing substantial challenges and do not have significant resources to invest in marketing during this uncertain period, the messages shared in these blogs contain helpful information and are not intended as a sales pitch. Below, find a recommended email to introduce the information.

Hello (Client),

ProMax Training & Consulting is a leading media consulting company that provides businesses with information to help them make educated decisions about their marketing strategies. ProMax is launching a series to help companies during the COVID-19 situation. I will be sharing these with you as they are published. Please see the first one below and the attached. Also, stay tuned for the next communication that shares free or affordable advertising to employ during this time.

Our goal is to help our valued customers through this uncertain period and, more importantly, help you prosper in the future.

Committed to Serve,

(Account Representative)

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