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Selling has been defined as the transfer of enthusiasm and I couldn’t agree more. Research indicates that up to 85% of sales are based on the salesperson, followed by the need for the product or services, and then finally, the company offering the best solution to fit the company’s needs. If a salesperson is excited about his or her products or services, prospects can sense this positive emotion and will reciprocate this energy with interest.

Selling is also the transfer of confidence. Before you can sell anything, you have to believe in:

  • Yourself ~ You must have steadfast belief that your recommendations and solutions can help businesses succeed.

  • Your Products and Services ~ You must communicate with complete conviction that your products and services are powerful in delivering results.

  • Your Company ~ You must be completely vested in the company you represent.

You communicate confidence in all verbal and non-verbal interactions, such as your communication, cadence (no turtle-walking into the prospect’s business), marketing and written materials, as well as your presentations. Your actions, attitude and appearance speak volumes about your professionalism. Prospective customers assess your level of self-assurance within seconds. If you do not believe passionately in these three areas, your success will be limited.

If you are new to your industry, demonstrate your confidence by sharing with prospects how your organization and the team of experts you work with have been helping companies succeed for years.

Shawn Achor, in his book The Happiness Advantage, states that research has proven that the human brain can identify an emotion in another person’s face within 33 milliseconds, and this emotion primes the receiving person to feel the same way. In addition, the most expressive person transfers his or her mood to others within just TWO minutes!

Smile and look the prospect in the eyes. Often, when I am coaching salespeople and we are practicing methods of securing appointments, I remind people to smile. Sometimes a salesperson tells me, “When I am with a prospect, I do smile.” I am always not so certain of this, so I simply remind them: “If you are happy, tell your face!”

Successful selling starts with enthusiasm and confidence, and partnerships evolve when you successfully help businesses achieve their goals. Make sure you are radiating confidence and enthusiasm every day.

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