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Gain Power Through Balance

Establishing & Maintaining the Professional Balance

When you initially meet a prospect you are professionally even. The business owner or decision maker is not superior to you, the salesperson. You are both professionals. You are both (in most cases) attempting to sell goods or services.

YOU are a professional who can help the person’s business prosper, be more productive, achieve its goals, save time or money! For example, if you are in advertising sales you can provide companies with significant value by helping them increase sales and market share by providing marketing guidance. This is because while most business owners have invested significantly in their company, they have rarely read a single marketing book or blog about how to prepare a proactive promotional strategy for their companies.

"You attract what you believe you're worth!"

Prospects WILL attempt to throw you off balance ~ to test you and your abilities. Therefore, to re-establish and maintain the professional balance, it is important to formulate your dialogues for common interactions, such as:

  • Your communication to securing appointments.

  • How you will address common objections, questions and concerns.

  • Your Professional Exit Strategy (your communication to let the prospect know you will be contacting them in the future and to “keep the doors open”).

  • Why a business should select your products or services and how they can assist in achieving company goals.

In my experience, if you go into the field and “wing it,” a few things will occur:

  1. You will not deliberately include persuasive communication.

  2. You will not be as confident and concise.

  3. Prospects can throw you off balance much quicker because you are not prepared.

Put the necessary energy into mastering your trade by preparing for common interactions following these steps:

  1. Write your language for your common interactions.

  2. Memorize your language word for word.

  3. Throw away your script.

  4. Communicate conversationally in a compelling and concise manner.

Being prepared will help you establish the professional balance, your powerful result-producing strategies and solutions will maintain the balance and create long-term, profitable partnerships.

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